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(no subject)
Got this in my e-mail today.
Would you really want to encourage your students access to this anonymous complaint service? I'm not certain.

Dear Professor,

I am writing to inform you of a great new resource you may wish to utilize in your upcoming courses. It's a free, easy, and anonymous online service which acts as a private suggestion box that students can use to address their professors. It is particularly beneficial to the academic dynamic in that students may address their professors openly, directly, and privately, without fearing repercussions, complaining to higher authorities, or suffering in silence (or in all likelihood, futile noise).

Imagine, for example, a situation where students cannot hear you lecture, or where widespread cheating occurs for a particular assignment. In both cases, students will likely never speak up. www.autocomplain.com wishes to aid communication processes where power dynamics previously hindered them.

Auto-Complain is committed to facilitating a constructive communication process, even allowing a recipient to address the sender directly. Auto-Complain also maintains the strictest of privacy standards and will never sell or distribute user information.

If you feel you could benefit from opening the doors of communication with your students, tell them about Auto-Complain and include it on your syllabus.

Auto-Complain may be used for a variety of purposes, including work-related or customer-service-related issues as well. I hope you find this information helpful.
Thank you for your time.

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What a monumentally bad idea. Channels should already exist for things where anonymity is important (inappropriate touching by a professor, for example). For the rest, students need to sack up and talk to you directly. Inviting them to whine anonymously will help no one.

Honestly, for professors trying to avoid the inevitable ballsack who waits all semester and then writes a seething no-one-hugged-me-enough-as-a-child missive about the professor, to the chair/dean, an anonymous complaint service might be just the thing to use to head off the headache and hours of damage control/documentation crap that have to occur.

An unfortunate name.

It is a completely unnecessary service. It is usually quite easy to get anonymous feedback from students. I typically do a midterm teaching evaluation to get just that kind of feedback.

I like that idea-- the thought crossed my mind in the past. Think I will implement it this semester.

If you have blackboard or some similar online teaching support, one can make the evaluations very quickly and easily.

On Blackboard? I will have to remember to ask about how to do this. I now have access to my Blackboard, apparently----but still no e-mail address or office key. LOL.

If it's an internet service, it must be valuable. You'd be a fool not to take advantage of this opportunity.

(Deleted comment)
They probably think we do that already.

We do, only they're not anonymous.

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